Basis of charging

Fixed Pricing

Many of our clients welcome the opportunity to work with us on a fixed-fee basis. This means that cost of our services can be agreed at the beginning of the relationship. The benefits of this approach for you include: -

•   Knowing at the start of the year what our services will cost you
•   The ability to spread the fee cost over the whole year
•   A clear understanding of how we are going to meet your requirements
•   Unlimited free telephone support
•   We will always ask you to sign an Extra Work Order for additional work so no unanticipated costs can occur
•   Our confidence in our ability to provide a high quality service means that we can offer a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Alternative Pricing Methods

Inevitably, there will be occasions when a fixed fee is simply not appropriate. In such circumstances one of the following charging methods will be agreed:-

Time based fees: based on the charge-out rate* of the director or team member allocated to the work. The seniority of the person allocated to the tasks will obviously depend on the complexity of the work.

Result or Contingency based fees: this is normally a mixture of fixed and variable fees (the variable element dependent upon the successful outcome of a particular assignment.)

Contingency based work would more often than not be transaction based e.g. finance raising or the sale of a business. We are not permitted to work on a contingency basis where we are required to give an opinion.


We believe that Fixed Pricing is the modern way to do business, giving you the comfort and security of knowing what your investment in our services will be. However, there are other alternatives as outlined and we will always agree with you, in writing, the basis on which we are going to work with you.

* charge-out rate