Joanne Cooper

Joanne CooperPractice Areas
Tax planning for individuals and companies in order to maximise and retain wealth

Spotting opportunities and advising clients on tax planning matters to ensure they continue to pay as little tax as legitimately possible and at the same time playing a key role in driving the practice forward.

After my A-levels I joined a branch of RBS in my hometown of Walsall.  A couple of years later I decided I wanted a change and joined a firm of accountants in Birmingham as a tax junior.  I passed my ATT and then relocated to Manchester, joining Milner Boardman Ltd.  I qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and moved to Champion Accountants in Worsley as part of their tax planning team.  Having spent nearly 5 years there I returned to Milner Boardman in October 2012.

Professional memberships
Association of Taxation Technicians 
Chartered Institute of Tax

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Questions & Answers

Joanne CooperWhat aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?
Finding a solution for a particular situation and following it to completion.

If you were to choose an alternative career, what would it be? 
Photographer - travelling the world recording the places and people

What law would you introduce if you were made Prime Minister & Why?
I don't think I’d introduce any additional laws, just increase police numbers to enforce existing laws.

Who's your role model & why?
My parents - they're a great team and could solve anything between them.

Your greatest achievement?
Cycling 100 miles in a day for charity.  Yes, it did hurt!

Dream car? 
James Bond's Aston Martin

Actual car? 
Not even close to that!

Favourite chocolate bar? 
Currently, toffee crisp, but this changes on a regular basis