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HM Revenue & Customs Customer relationship manager

"Customer" I hear you say, who wants to be a "customer" of HMRC

Claims for Research & Development tax relief

The relief is incredibly valuable at 225% of qualifying expenditure being deductable

2013-14 Year end tax planning opportunities

One reason that some people pay more tax than they need is because they do not seize the opportunities open to them. Below is a summary for some tax saving opportunities to consider not letting slip through your fingers before 5 April.

Hot Topic - Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances ("CAs") are very important tax benefit for commercial property owners.


The Chancellor has now imposed additional tax charges for extraction of income from Companies by way of dividends paid from 6th April 2016 onwards.

HMRC Corporation Tax Return Changes

Please note that HMRC have changed some of its administration procedures for corporation tax returns.