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HM Revenue & Customs Customer relationship manager

"Customer" I hear you say, who wants to be a "customer" of HMRC

General Anti Abuse Rule (GAAR)

Tax Avoidance and the new General Anti Abuse Rule (GAAR) are very mcuh flavour of the month and the making consistent headlines most recently with Margaret Hodge MP in an article published in the Guardian.

Claims for Research & Development tax relief

The relief is incredibly valuable at 225% of qualifying expenditure being deductable

HMRC and IR35

Since IR35 was first introduced in 1999 it has singularly failed to achieve its aim of increasing tax take from contractors who use Personal Service Companies (PSC) to contract through, either with end users of their services or via agencies.

Commercial Property - a tax haven?

Commercial Property can be a tax haven so long as your Solicitors and Accountants fully understand what they are doing when you either acquire or sell a commercial property.