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HM Revenue & Customs Customer relationship manager

"Customer" I hear you say, who wants to be a "customer" of HMRC

General Anti Abuse Rule (GAAR)

Tax Avoidance and the new General Anti Abuse Rule (GAAR) are very mcuh flavour of the month and the making consistent headlines most recently with Margaret Hodge MP in an article published in the Guardian.

Claims for Research & Development tax relief

The relief is incredibly valuable at 225% of qualifying expenditure being deductable

Commercial Property - a tax haven?

Commercial Property can be a tax haven so long as your Solicitors and Accountants fully understand what they are doing when you either acquire or sell a commercial property.

Professional review of 2013

It's the time of year that we reflect back over the past 12 months and consider what the next 12 months has in stall for us! There is no doubt that the economy remains challenging even if there are some slight signs of improvement.

Hot Topic - Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances ("CAs") are very important tax benefit for commercial property owners.


The Chancellor has now imposed additional tax charges for extraction of income from Companies by way of dividends paid from 6th April 2016 onwards.