HM Revenue & Customs Customer relationship manager

posted on February 19, 2013in the Blog Category

HM Revenue & Customs Customer relationship manager

"Bigger businesses are likely nowadays to have a customer relationship manager at HM Revenue & Customs. "Customer" I hear you say, who wants to be a "customer" of HMRC, it's not as if we have any choice in the matter, we can't "buy" from elsewhere! However, setting that aside, I thought it right to praise HMRC for the collaborative manner in which their CRM's manage cases. We have found that maintaining a close working relationship and regular contact with the CRM, keeping them up to speed on our clients/affairs/problems/business issues/matters relating to their tax affairs certainly does no harm. In one case, this seems now highly likely to see a clients HMRC risk assessment reduced from medium risk to low risk for the period 2013-2016. In anyone's books that have to be a positive outcome and it only required mutual co-operation and a visit from us to the CRM to deal face to face with his queries. We didn't agree with the medium risk rating in the first place but were able to allay HMRC's fears to such an extent that a reduced risk rating (and therefore less HMRC attention) is a highly probable and a great result for our client!" Tony Collier, Managing Partner

Written By: MBL

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