Tony Collier elected to chair Business Neighbourhood Plan Forum

posted on December 20, 2013in the Blog Category

Tony Collier elected to chair Business Neighbourhood Plan Forum

Our MD Tony Collier was, on Wednesday this week, elected to chair the Business Neighbourhood Plan Forum for Altrincham Town Centre. Tony said “Altrincham is a historic market town established by Charter in 1290 and has a wonderful heritage. However, the town has been badly affected by the Trafford Centre, Online retailing and the general recession. I have been a main board member of Altrincham Forward, a joint public/private initiative which was established to try to restore the town to its former glories. Significant progress has been made although there is still a lot of work to do. We hope that 2014 will see improvements really come together. The Business Neighbourhood Plan is the next step in this process, empowering businesses and residents in the area to take control of all planning issues for the area. If we can make this work it will be a significant moment for Altrincham. 3 candidates sought to be the first Chair of the forum and I polled almost double the votes of the other candidates but not quite enough to win outright. However, when second preferences were taken into account I had an overall majority! So now the work begins and the key point is that a strong and thriving town is good for everyone in business in the town and that includes our firm!”

Written By: MBL

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