Practice Manager Ordained

posted on July 1, 2016in the Blog Category

Practice Manager Ordained

We are pleased to announce that our Practice Manager, Nancy Alexander, has a change of title – and is now The Reverend Nancy Alexander and a Deacon and Curate in the Church of England after being Ordained in Manchester Cathedral on Sunday 26th June. Nancy admits it has been hard over the last few years to get the work/life balance right while she has completed a part time degree course in Theology and Mission and Ministry with All Saints/Chester University.  But now her studies are behind her having graduated on Sunday 5 June. She begins her ministry as a Curate in her Parish Church of St Mary Droylsden with a particular emphasis on pastoral care as an Ordained Local Minister which is a Self Supporting Ministry and she will also still continue to work full time with MBL. Nancy’s call to ministry has been an ongoing process for many years, having first perceived her calling by working with the homeless in Manchester.  As Nancy points out the word ‘minister’ means ‘servant’ and ministry means service which is not reserved to her Parish situation but is the work of Christ’s Church in the widest sense.  As a volunteer Chaplain with her local hospital her ‘free’ time is pretty much accounted for but she feels blessed to be called into this service which means being with people at the critical points in their lives, such as baptism, marriage and bereavement and says it is a real privilege and extremely rewarding. Nancy with her very proud family.

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