The Collier’s Challenges For CAFT

posted on May 3, 2017in the Blog Category

The Collier’s Challenges For CAFT

Our joint MD, Tony Collier and his Wife Tracey, our Assistant Practice Manager, are taking on some major challenges to help raise funds for the charity that MBL have supported for many years.

Tony is headed back to Durban for a third attempt at taking on the Ultimate Human Race, one of the toughest races in the world, the Comrades ultra-marathon in South Africa on 4th June 2017. This race is 54 miles long, it climbs 6500 feet and descends 4000 feet and the temperature could be as high as 30c. The race was set up in 1921 to commemorate the fallen Comrades of WW1 and 2017 will be its 92nd running, an "up" year from Durban to Pietermaritzburg with a strict 12 hour cut off time!

After 2015's failed attempt but having completed last year's utterly brutal down run (4000 feet of climbing over 56 miles) this is Tony's last chance of the much coveted back to back medal awarded to runners who complete consecutive up/down runs.

Tracey, not to be outdone is aiming to be the first triathlete in the Collier household when she takes on the Wilmslow Tri-Athlon on 14th May 2017. 3 disciplines is a major challenge including a swim, transition to the bike and then finishing with a transition to the run leg. Tracey’s main training day will start at 7.00am with a 50 length swim at Altrincham bath’s, cycle 5km to and from the office, then a 25km cycle ride before she goes to the running club to complete the third discipline with a hill or speed work repetition session! Not bad for someone who doesn’t think she’s a runner and has never taken on such a momentous challenge before or ever will again!

Tony and Tracey are hoping to use these madcap challenges to raise funds for CAFT ( This challenge will see them both training 6 days a week for months continuously and Tony alone running a total of up to 1,000 miles, the equivalent of running from Manchester to Paris and back as the crow flies!

CAFT do an amazing job looking after disadvantaged and underprivileged children from across the North West. They have absolutely no government funding and have to raise every penny of what they spend. This is a truly worthy cause that Mike Bulcock our other Joint MD is a Trustee, The Adventure Farm is a haven for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from across the Northwest providing week-long holidays to children in desperate need. A magical special place where laughter and happy times are encouraged, friendships blossom and illnesses and sorrows are forgotten. The MBL team (pictured below) helped provide a little “character” at one of 2016’s Children’s Xmas parties, an incredibly humbling experience!

In addition to Tony and Tracey’s funding exploits to help CAFT our firm, MBL (Business and Tax Advisers), have organised various fundraising events. To date, we have helped raise approaching £40,000. However, this is just a drop in the ocean compared to the near £1m that CAFT needs to raise each year just to open the doors.

We are writing to you to ask if you could support our fundraising efforts by making a donation, no matter how small or large to support Tony and Tracey’s challenges.

We are happy to receive cheques made payable to CAFT which can be sent to us here at MBL and we will pass on to CAFT or by making a donation at where every personal donation can be boosted by gift aid.

Written By: Mandi Mottershead

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