Tony Stark. Entrepreneur, billionaire, Iron man….. accounting inspiration?

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Tony Stark. Entrepreneur, billionaire, Iron man….. accounting inspiration?

It might sound like a bold claim. How can a Marvel superhero provide inspiration for a business that helps organisations to develop and grow?

Superheroes are all the rage these days. Whether it’s Wolverine slashing through a tank’s armour with his retractable claws, Storm summoning a hurricane to wipe out her enemies, or Deadpool launching into a foul-mouthed tirade whilst observing a recently blown off arm replenish itself.

Some people draw inspiration from these characters to enhance other areas of their lives. Should Batman’s thirst for justice compel me to contest this parking ticket? Will Thor’s hammer-wielding finally push me to put that picture up in the living room?

As an accountancy firm, we have not been immune, and we take our inspiration from a one Mr Tony Stark (Marvel’s Iron Man). Allow us to explain why…

Stark’s business acumen, together with a love of technology and working for the greater good, has a lot in common, dare we say, influence on MBL’s thinking and practice.

We pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to the innovative technology available to us which demonstrates how Stark’s business acumen inspires us.  The core elements are:

Learning through insight

The leading-edge software we have available – both to us a supplier and you a client – are great time saving tools which assist you in growing your business.  Allowing you to run your business on the go, get paid faster and reconcile in seconds. Not only do they drive efficiencies and accuracy, they assist you in learning from your mistakes, by analysing your results, and providing greater management insight, you can see how a product or service has performed. What was the up take? How did your customers react to the change?

This in turn allows us to work with you to optimise your company’s financial performance and strategic positioning.  As well as seeing any potential problems before they arrive.

Risk or no risk, that is the question

Tony Stark did not show fear, but rather showed determination and understanding.  This for a leader, is very effective. It shows you are willing to understand a given situation, understand risk appetite, remain calm and make a considered decision.

Fore sure, risk-taking is a part of entrepreneurial life.  Entrepreneurs have to have a risk-taking spirit, because not taking risks can kill a business before it gets off the ground.  But they have to balance that impulse. Excessive risk-taking can destroy a business, using technology to help identify and mitigate risk and impact allowing remediation, monitoring and response.

Thinking of others

One of Tony Stark’s famous quotes “As long as there is a life, there is still hope”.  Running a business, the life of an Entrepreneur, managing a big team; it, can be isolating. Often you’re required to wear many hats. You’re HR, you’re finance, you’re sales and marketing. It means that the administration and the maintenance of your business (that pile of receipts and invoices you’re left with to plough through at the end of the month or the year) is another resource-heavy but necessary task. It doesn’t have to be that way there is hope.

Our people and our use of technology means you can save time on those laborious jobs allowing us to work with you to grow your business, we’re here to hold your hand and support you along your business journey.

A final thought

Tony Stark’s greatest strength is blending innovation with his strong moral compass. He is proud of the technology he has access to, and evangelises to those who aren’t convinced. He blends this his strong personal values, looking to help others.

We’re proud to look for innovative ways to help drive forward business process, helping deliver efficiencies, help provide insight and expertise. And that, we believe, is why an accountancy business isn’t so different to a Marvel superhero afterall.

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