As Business and Tax Advisers for property businesses we know that the construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the UK economy, and is one of the worst affected areas during recessionary times. Careful planning and advice is needed to manage uncertainty and delays, maintain efficiency and to stay competitive.

Commercial property & development

  • Finance raising for developments and investments
  • Preparation of business plans for presentation to financiers/investors
  • Acquisition and takeover of a business or supplier
  • Compliance with the HMRC ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ (CIS) to avoid financial penalties for filing returns late or paying tax late
  • Payroll services, including payment to sub-contractors meeting CIS requirements
  • Exit strategies and succession planning development

Residential development

  • Starting up a construction or property business
  • Finance raising for developments and investments

Buy to let

For buy to lets within the residential sector, there are new tax rules in play which could mean that selling is your best option. Whether you are a first time buyer or have been in residential property for some time, we would recommend that you talk to us about solving the problems facing you today: so you avoid the issues that many others have faced.

What we do :

Take away aggravations

Remove day to day drudgery

Address pain points

Solve puzzles