Who we help

There are a few types of businesses we are particularly well placed to help, and you can read about those below.
No matter what type of business you have, talk to us about removing the aggravation you’re facing.

Who we help


What problems are you experiencing in the property sector?
  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Land planning
  • Buy to let
  • First time buyers
  • Tax rules & changes


Helping creatives solve problems primarily centres around helping you save
chargeable time, releasing you to get new work in to your agency.

An example is a company we worked with recently who was spending a full day
a month on bookkeeping work. We worked out that at the rate of creative time,
they could save over £12,000 a year in chargeable time, releasing them to get
the opportunities that are before them. In this particular company’s case, within a month they had gotten a new creative job worth £11,900…and there were still 11 months yet to go in the year!

We now work with this creative company on a regular basis, not only providing
their bookkeeping but attending quarterly board meetings and providing the
support of a virtual Finance Director to keep the agency focused on what matters.


When your business is family-owned, you combine all the challenges of family
issues with those of running a business.

If your business is in this category, we are particularly well placed to help:

  • Family-owned
  • Between £750k and £20m in turnover
  • High growth or with aspirations for higher growth
  • Facing challenges that could pull you back from that high growth

High growth business

What constitutes a ‘high growth business’? In our experience, you will have some or all of these characteristics:
  • Great potential
  • Clearly defined plan for a growth strategy (not just seeing how it goes)
  • Defined targets in these areas:
    • Turnover
    • Profit
    • Customers/products
    • Employees
  • Some non-financial aspirations
  • Industry – could be any industry type, but typically it would be:
    • Internet-based businesses
    • High cash burn followed by massive growth in turnover and profitability
    • Creators
    • Inventors
    • People who have an idea
  • R&D – something unique that solves a problem
    An example is a client of ours who sold his business for £60 million. Following that he got bored, and decided to try again with a brand new startup. His targets were £1 million in the first year, £10 million in the second, and £20 million in the third. That’s a clear target!

What we do :

Take away aggravations

Remove day to day drudgery

Address pain points

Solve puzzles